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The Department of Curriculum Studies and Secondary Education is in the College of Education, Counseling, and Ethnic Studies in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership. CSSE is dedicated to the advancement of excellence in education. CSSE offers an exemplary Single Subject teacher education preparation program based on sound educational practice, extensive research knowledge, and sensitivity to the needs of diverse populations. Our faculty is comprised of internationally recognized scholars from a wide variety of subject area disciplines who study and produce current research in teacher education and curriculum studies, and who are familiar with the best practices of teachers. CSSE has partnerships with many local middle and high schools that provide many opportunities for students to be part of a high quality teaching and learning community.

While most of the programs in CSSE are designed for positions in public schools, students can also receive preparation in our Master of Arts in Curriculum Teaching and Learning, applicable to a wide variety of non-teaching positions in education, government, and the corporate sector. 

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Program Coordinators & Advisors

Edward Lyon
Edward Lyon
Professor and Single Subject Credential Program Coordinator
Stevenson 2200
Jennifer Mahdavi
Jennifer Mahdavi
Professor and MA in Education Program Coordinator
Stevenson 2017
Rajeev Virmani
Rajeev Virmani
Associate Professor, MA in Education with Concentration in CTL Advisor
Stevenson 2202

Chair of School of Teacher Education and Leadership (SOTEL)

Paula Lane
Paula Lane
Professor, Faculty Associate Dean, Chair of School of Teacher Education and Leadership (SOTEL)
Stevenson 2214